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Amsterdam tours can be found at 88 Travelguide! Look no further, we will make sure to give you an unforgettable time in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam tours – City tour

We offer a City tour, in which we will show you the highlights of the beautiful city centre of Amsterdam. We make sure you will receive an overview of the city centre and won’t miss out on all the important spots. History, art, culture, architecture, food and funny facts are all combined in one.

Amsterdam tours – Red Light District tour and Red Light tour & Casa Rosso

Make sure you don’t miss our Red Light District tour or even better our Red Light tour & Casa Rosso. Both are Amsterdam tours that will so you the most historical area of Amsterdam, the Red Light District. For the Red Light tour & Casa Rosso we started a collaboration with two great companies. The Red Light areas most famous sex show; Casa Rosso and let’s not forget about our favorite lingerie & love toys shop; 156Manhattan!

Private tours

For all your other wishes we would like to offer you a private tour. They are created to fulfill all of your wishes and made on request. Almost everything throughout the Netherlands is possible, just ask.

Amsterdam tours – Canal Cruise in collaboration with Amsterdam Boat Center

Looking forward to see Amsterdam from a different side? Make sure you book a canal cruise! Amsterdam is very famous for it’s architecture and the beautiful ancient canals so we could definitely recommend this tour. We have a great collaboration with Amsterdam Boat Center, who definitely have the funniest and best sailors in Amsterdam.

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