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Tour guides Amsterdam are everywhere but nowhere like at 88 Travelguide! The company was founded in 2016 by two Dutch friends who love to travel and wanted to share their thoughts and feelings about Holland and Amsterdam with the rest of the world.

Team – Tour guides Amsterdam

88 Travelguide does their best to select a team of tour guides that fit perfectly to the values of the company. Our guides are ready and can’t wait to show you around! The wonderful team of enthusiastic, professional and motivated tour guides are widely employable. We offer English, Italian, Chinese (mandarin), Spanish, Dutch and French speaking guides. Almost all of the tour guides have a cultural, historical, architectural or art background which makes them the perfect partner to give you an unforgettable time in Holland.

Meet Riccardo Olivo

In this article we like to put the spotlight on Riccardo, our Italian and English speaking tour guide.

Hi There! My name is Riccardo, a freelance tour guide. I was born in Amsterdam from Italian parents and I’m more than proud to consider this wonderful city my home.

The combination of liveliness and calmness that can be found in this city is what I love so much. You can literally walk five minutes and pass from a busy street full of cafes, to a little hidden gem which seems to be virtually unknown.

I proudly show the sights and secrets of this amazing city to other people. Explaining the reasons behind it’s unique architecture and street planning. History and art history always fascinated me from a very early age, and the possibility of being able to inform other people about it thrills me.

Enough said, it’s time for you to experience it yourself!


For more information about the tours of Riccardo please contact us. We are happy to answer all questions you have!


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