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Time to put the spotlight on another Amsterdam tour guide. We can’t wait to tell you more about our lovely Teodora Pinzaru, who you can call Teo. For bookings take a look at our tours page.

Amsterdam tour guide – about Teo

Teo is one of our rising stars and impresses us every time we meet her. She is a Romanian trilingual who moved to Amsterdam after getting her Bachelors in Chinese language in Shenyang, China. She lives together with her Chinese boyfriend and managed to speak better Chinese than he does. Isn’t that amazing? She fell in love with Amsterdam a few years ago and kept on coming back. Eventually, she decided to move her and we are super happy that we found her! Teo can tell you everything about her adventure during a tour as she prefers to chat a lot.  She is patient, very well at communication, enthusiastic and besides that a super sweet and kind person. It is hard not to love Teo!


Teo is like a sponge, she absorbs everything she sees. She learned so much about the city in such a short amount of time. With Teo, you’ll be sure not to miss those must-see sights that everybody’s talking about. But she is also able to take you to places away from the beaten track, or hidden in plain sight, that even born-and-raised Amsterdamers don’t know about. She has a background in music, architecture and linguistics. Her passion for engaging stories and history is incredible and don’t forget about her cat-like curiosity. Just be careful, you might end up wanting to stay in Amsterdam for good afterwards a tour with this girl!

Boat tour and translating

Teo has more qualities than just guiding her own group. She has experience with guiding a private boat tour from Amsterdam Boat Center. She is also the perfect help when you need a translator. What we love about her is that she doesn’t simply translates but uses her clever brain to come up with ideas that might help you a lot.

For more information about the tours Teo does, please contact us.


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