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About Henri Willig

The Henri Willig Group is the producer of fine cheese. They offer consumers pure and distinctive quality products. Above all they are a professional and sustainable partner for their clients, employees and suppliers. Henri Willig finds it important to embody respect for people, animals and nature.

The history

Henri Willig produces traditional cheeses in its own cheese dairies. The locations of these dairies are in Katwoude and Heerenveen in the Netherlands. He does this for over 40 years. Their premium quality varieties and flavors are internationally appreciated. Some weell-known corporate brands are Henri Willig, Hooidammer and Polderkaas.

Henri Willig’s parents raised him in Katwoude where they had a dairy farm. Because he is the only son in a family of five, Henri went to an agricultural school. He and his wife Riet took over the family farm from his father in 1974. The farmer soon thought of the idea to venture into making cheese himself. Therefor, he took a course in cheese-making. He turned out to be so skilled that he made the decision to make cheese at his own farm. His passion did not go unnoticed. The cheese farm, located in the beautiful Waterland polder, quickly attracted foreign tourists.

What started as a new challenge for Henri Willig’s farm developed into a flourishing cheese dairy and a top tourist attraction. Henri Willig exports his special cheese to over 30 countries. Henri Willig also welcomes millions of visitors in his own shops and cheese farms.

From the land to the customer

Henri Willig uses an efficient and responsible production method.  For the reason that he wants to make sure that you enjoy the best Dutch cheese specialties.

Their customers are not merely purchasers. Similarly, Henri Willig is not an ordinary supplier. A sustainable and intensive cooperation with their partners is very important to them. This cooperation starts with an early planning and the volumes that are produced. Once that is coordinated, they collect the milk for the cheese from their own Dutch farmers. They make their cheese with dedication and attention. They ripen the cheese and take care of it. And finally it is packaged. They involve their customers in every step of the production process. Henri started as a farmer and cheese maker himself. He therefor is involved with every little detail in the traditional production process. Likewise the current generation of experts in the company. Therefor their passion for the trade continues to influence the result.

Our collaboration

As you read above, Henri Willig is a great company to work with. Therefor we are very happy to collaborate with them. In our city tour you can learn how cheese is made. You also get the chance to taste different flavors of cheese. It is already the favorite part of many guest! No Holland without Dutch cheese! Amsterdam: 2.5 Hour City Centre Walking Tour

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