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For us, quality is very important and we would therefore like to inform you how happy we are with our customer reviews on TripAdvisor.

We want to share a few reviews that you can find on TripAdvisor!

Marcus – Fantastic guide!

“My friend and I did a tour with 88Travelguide and felt like we were with a friend not a guide. The guide did a fantastic job of accommodating one of us who loves history and one who does not. The guide told us personal stories as well and of other locals which made our connection and understanding of the city and culture stronger! If it’s possible take a tour with 88Travelguide when you first arrive to the city this will give you a great overview!”

Donna – Amazing Walk in the Red Light District

“I can’t say enough about this incredible tour with 88 Travel Guide Company. We had a private and personalized tour with one of the two owners, Manouk Stet. She gave us so much history and information and made it so interesting. The tour was also tasteful, referring to them as “The ladies”. Manouk was charming and it was one of the highlights of our trip!! Thankyou, Manouk”

Maksim – Excellent way to see Amsterdam!

We spent the day and evening with Manouk. We did the city walking tour in the afternoon and the red light district tour at the evening. The guide is FULL of great information and really knows the areas. The small size of the group is a bonus, easy to hear, understand and ask questions! Very accommodating. Definitely worth the money, you learn a lot about the city and its many different secrets!

Juriain – Must Do

The tour – in short it was great, the guide obviously knows his subject and delivers it with a passion born of experience. His knowledge seems to be inexhaustible! The city tour was a great overview of Amsterdam, its history and uniqueness plus little gems of information and entertaining facts that the guide sprinkles in throughout the tour. Big thanks!

We really appreciate all the amazing reviews and recommendations! We love Amsterdam so it is always great being able to show people around and surprise them with funny facts, variety of history, art, architecture and so on!

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