Gallery a day keeps the doctor away! Welcome to the Instagram Gallery of 88Travelguide. Our love for traveling goes hand in hand with photographing the places we go, especially in our wonderful country. Maybe you have a bad day? Therefor we created this Instagram Gallery. Just look at our wonderful overview of Dutch pictures. We are sure that you feel better right away. Are you ready?

We took the pictures almost all by ourselves or close friends took them. We love to photograph an important event as much as a moment, a beautiful view or a nice sight.

Some of the pictures show the sights we visit with our beloved Amsterdam: 2.5 Hour City Centre Walking Tour and the 1.5 Hour Walking Tour through the Red Light District. You recognize them once join a tour but of course we won’t blab here about which ones they are. We took a few pictures of the canals or from the view of the canals. These are made possible by Amsterdam Boat Center.

Instagram Gallery – The Netherlands

We often visit other cities then just Amsterdam, so you can also find pictures of other places in the Netherlands in our gallery. For example, do you spot the green house that looks a bit like a small castle? Our friend took the picture in the wonderful city centre of Alkmaar. Same as the beautiful flower fields. We captured these in a beautiful place in the North of Holland and we also have some pictures of The Hague and the famous Giethoorn.

Instagram Gallery – collaborations

Do you feel like a picture you took fits exactly in our Instagram Gallery? Feel free to send them to us and maybe we will publish them! Of course, you will be tagged in the photo so all our friends and fans know it was you who took the picture. You can contact us by sending us a message in the contact form.

Have fun with looking around!