Exclusive small group tour: 1.5 hour walking tour through Red Light District

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Exclusive small group tour: 1.5 hour walking tour through Red Light District


Ready to enter one of the most fascinating and historical parts of Amsterdam? Join us during the 1,5 hour walking tour through the Red Light district! 

The tour starts at 17:30-19:00 and 20:00-21:30You can choose a time when you register for the tour. BOOK NOW


Red light district tour, no proper visit to Amsterdam without going to this area with this exclusive tour! What about the rumors? The sex workers? And the Dutch drugs policy? How come the Dutchies are so tolerant towards these subjects? Ready to find out? We will tell you everything you want to know and more during our red light district tour! The groups are small so there is enough space for questions and personalization.

Did you know that prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world? And that the red light district is one of the oldest areas in Amsterdam? It has a rich history and is definitely one of the most fascinating parts of the city. It leaves a lot to the imagination but you will soon know what to believe and what not. 88Travelguide was actually founded in this area so we can proudly say that no one is more of an expert than we are!


With this 1,5 hour guided walking tour we take you alongside the enchanting canals with the famous red lights. We combine history, culture, art, drugs, daily routines and design so you will see the Red Light district from all different perspectives.

At the end of the tour you will receive a small typical (or not so typical ;-)) Dutch present that will definitely won’t ever let you forget your stay in Amsterdam!

Enough said, it’s time for you to experience it yourself!

Our tour guides are professional, passionated, well informed and will show you this wonderful city like no other tour guide. Our aim is to let you experience Amsterdam instead of just seeing it. With 88Travelguide no overcrowded group tours but small and personal service on a relaxed tempo. Ready for the Amsterdam vibes? Take a look at our booking calendar and BOOK NOW.

Red Light District tour – practical information

Please meet our guide at: Beursplein, in front of the Bistro Berlage.

The tour takes around 1,5 hour. The tour starts at 17:30-19:00 and 20:00-21:30You can choose a time when you register for the tour.

If you have any questions please fill in our contact form or send an e-mail to info@88travelguide.com. We would love to answer any questions you have!


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Tour Reviews

4.94 based on 31 reviews

We signed up last minute for a red light district and historic city tour, both the irrepressible Anzi. Wow! At the end of both tours, we congratulated ourselves on finding such a great tour company!


It was wonderful to spend two hours with Riccardo and only 8 other visitors. I have taken several walking tours and give this one high marks. The small size, length of time, and area covered were perfect.


Excellent RLD tour. Tour was fun, informative and interesting. Riccardo keeps everyone interested in the tour with his anecdotes. His knowledge of the area is amazing and you are sure to find out
unknown/little known things about the place. You can find out what to do/not do in this amazing place called amsterdam with help from Riccardo.


Amsterdam-dammmm… Excellent tour with a knowledgable guide! Teodora was promptly on time and gave us a short background of herself before setting out on the two hour tour. She had wonderful anecdotes and interesting facts about the changes in the red light district since it’s beginning. She was extremely knowledgable and answered all of our questions.


Best tour ever! This is definitely the best tour I ever did! In 1.5 hours I got to see the whole Red Light District and listen to a very interesting story of our passionate local guide. Very cool guy who knew very much about the area and the history of it. After the tour I’ve had some drinks with him in a nice bar. Great night, great place!


Riccardo was a pro in presenting the red light district with various points of view to allow you to understand the past, present, and futures of the district. His past and present involvement in the community gives you his unique perspective.


I really enjoyed this tour! Its well worth the money. If its your first time visiting Amsterdam then I highly recommend it. The RDL is a relatively safe area but having a guide take you through the alleys does put your mind and ease.


A worthwhile and affordable tour. Far exceeded my expectations! While visiting Amsterdam for the first time, I knew that I HAD to check out the Red Light District, and obviously wanted to do this at night; however, because I was traveling alone, I was a little reluctant to do so having read some things online about the area that made me feel a bit uneasy. I decided that the best thing to do would be to take a tour, and I am so glad that I ended up finding THIS tour! The tour really gave me a sense of comfort with the area, so much so that I returned the next day alone and had lunch at a Thai Restaurant in Chinatown that Riccardo recommended, which by the way is amazing!


Interesting Perspective! Walked the tour last night and it was a good experience. Kathrin, the tour guide, was knowledgeable, informative and fun. Although the tour gives an up-close look at the scene, it was focused on the culture and business function of the district. Definitely not what I expected “In a good way”!


Great tour. Very friendly and knowledgeable guide! Would recommend. We recently joined this Red Light District Tour and it was brilliant! Our tour guide, showed us what the area is all about. We were shown around so many of the cool places in Amsterdam. Its has definitely more to offer than just brothels and coffeeshops. We also visited a games cafe, where we played some air hockey in the middle of the Red Light District. Thanks guys!


Great tour, friendly LOCAL guide! Showed us around and kept his enthusiasm high throughout. He was having a beer hours later and shouted out to us by name! Very happy with him.


Must do! I did the tour last Friday and met up with Riccardo at the Dam square. He speaks English fluently and was very knowledgeable and funny. You can walk through the red light district yourself of course but with the tour and all the information the guide gives you, it is much more of an experience as otherwise you would pass by the interesting spots probably without visiting or without knowing the history behind it. We loved the tour and totally recommend it, a must do when you’re in Amsterdam!


A must do in amsterdam. The tour and our guide were both fantastic, it was a unique experience. You can stroll around the streets on your own but with the tour you get a better perspective and history of the area.


A must do in amsterdam! The tour and our guide (Kathrin) were both fantastic, it was a unique experience. You can stroll around the streets on your own but with the tour you get a better perspective and history of the area.


A fun and interesting tour of a fascinating city. I’m so glad I opted to go for this tour. Our local tour guide was very knowledgeable on the culture and history of the district, answering all our questions and the tour flew by as we took in the sights making our way through the narrow streets!


Good insight to the area! Riccardo did a nice job of presenting the facts and with some humor! It all made sense after the tour as to why this anomaly can be seen as so normal in Amsterdam! He provided a good top line history and was quite entertaining.


Interesting, very knowledgeable! Our guide was Riccardo. He was very knowledgeable about the history of Amsterdam, particularly with regard to drugs and the sex trade. His approach to sharing this information was comical and interesting, so you didn’t feel like you were sitting in a history lecture, even though you were getting a lot of great information. It was one of the best things I did while visiting Amsterdam.


A must do item in Amsterdam! My friend and I did the red light district tour on the day we arrived in Amsterdam with some trepidation about what to expect. Riccardo was BRILLIANT, explaining all the background of the area amongst other useful snippets. We would have missed so much stuff if we hadn’t gone on this tour and it has been the experience we hoped it would be.


My girlfriend and I took the Red Light District Tour with Kathrin and it was great! The most important thing for me about this tour, it’s the openness and how up-front she is with the prostitution subject. You will get a different perspective that is often lost in this matter, and with her, you will not only get more educated she’ll show you some really nice places ;), but you will have lots of fun too.


The best tour in Red Light district! We Took the tour with two friends and a pleasant group of girls from Australia and Germany. Fantastic. Thank you Riccardo for telling us about the place, like no one else can. Cheers mate!


Interesting and fun! Great tour of the red light area with Riccardo as our guide. He was really interesting and knowledgeable and made the tour an experience that I am happy to recommend. Learnt so much about the worlds oldest profession as well lots of interesting things about Amsterdam itself. If you want something away from the norm then I suggest you do this tour!!


Most do!! We really enjoyed the red light district tour we did last Friday. We had a fantastic tour guide, Teo. Who was explaining us (locals) things we didn’t know about the red light district. That’s why I will recommend this tour for tourists as well as locals!


Our red light district tour was amazing! The guide provided us more information about the whole city than expected. Also her talent and knowledge gave us the trust to ask her many questions and she had no problem answering them. The most amazing part was that she gave us some surprises we loved.


We had a great time getting insight into not only the RLD but the City as well. We have been, on our own, in the Red Light District 2 or 3 times but had missed a lot of the nuance and a few ‘hidden’ spots. This tour covered those and more. It was a small group so we got the benefit of a lot of comments and information. DO THIS TOUR WITH 88 TRAVELGUIDE


Thumbs Up! This is a fantastic tour. We met Olga and were initially unsure of what to expect from a tour of the Red Light District. We had a small tour group (6 people), Olga made us feel very welcome, then proceeded to walk us through the Red Light District stopping to tell us it’s stories and history in great detail. I would highly recommend taking this tour if you are in Amsterdam!!


Excellent intro to Amsterdam Red Light district – Can’t Miss!
We got lucky enough to take a tour with Olga in Amsterdam and couldn’t be happier. Even in the less than desirable weather, Olga was able to keep us interested and laughing all evening. By combining her personal experience, historical knowledge and passion!


I decided to book 88Travelguide’s Red Light District Tour for wednesday night. The guide was full of interesting stories/facts about the history of the city and Red Light District plus all the places we visited. She is also humorous, and just great at her job. I really appreciated the small group atmosphere. There were 5 of us on the group as 88Travelguide tries to keep the group small at all times. The guide provided great insights and perspectives on the history and current state of sex work in Amsterdam and she showed us specific things to note in the RLD that we again visited the next day. We loved the fact that she used to live at the RLD and had a lot of funny stories about her life in the former brothel. This was definitely one of the highlights of our trip so if you are ever in Amsterdam, don’t forget to book a tour with the best 88Travelguide!


Two excellent tours!!! We visited Amsterdam for 2 days and wanted to make sure that we had an overall view of both the city as well as the Red Light District. We took the city tour in the morning and also the RLD tour in the evening. The guide did an excellent job on both and she was extremely nice, confident and outgoing. She thought us the history of the city during the morning tour and pointed out highlights during the evening tour in a very detailed manner on the RLD. The guide was super passionate about the city and was able to mix facts and history with her perspective on current events. It is very nice because they limit the tours to a small group so everyone is able to hear and ask questions! Very informative. Good Job!


Interesting. On time. Guide are looking after the guest safety.


Great and informative tour! Me and my wife had a great and informative tour through the red light district! We discovered a lot of places with hidden treasures (e.g. the anonymous sculpture on the ground) and had great insight into the history as well! The tour was definitely worthwhile and is highly recommended!


We went on 88Travelguide’s tour on a Sunday night. The tour lasted around 1.5 hours and was an informative, yet a light-hearted fun way to explore the RLD and learn more about Amsterdam in general. The guide was a very funny, pleasant and friendly. The tour was made personal by only allowing small group numbers and it is more like a private tour. Without going on the tour, we wouldn’t have discovered gems that lie within the RLD. I would definitely recommend 88Travelguid’s tours if you want to learn more about Amsterdam in a fun and friendly way!

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