Exclusive small group tour: Red Light District Walking Tour & Show at Casa Rosso

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Exclusive small group tour: Red Light District Walking Tour & Show at Casa Rosso


Make sure you’re ready for a spiced up Red Light tour! Want to take your trip to the next level… A walking tour and a visit at Manhattan (lingerie & love toys) with a show at Casa Rosso. 

The tour starts at 17:30-20:30 and 20:00-23:00You can choose a time when you register for the tour. BOOK NOW


Red Light tour & Casa Rosso – ready to get an experience of a life time? Want to take your trip to the next level and experience the red light district in Amsterdam instead of just visiting it? You’ve probably heard so much about the red light district and Casa Rosso… And now you’re going to find out! The groups are small so there is enough space for questions and personalization.

With this guided walking red light district tour we will inform you about art, history, culture, daily routines, drugs and design. But.. things will be spiced up a bit more as well! We have an exclusive collaboration with Manhattan Lingerie & Love Toys for this tour. The one moment you are listening to an historical fact while the next moment you’re standing in their shop with something odd in your hands.. And to make things even better, soon after you will be sitting front row at a live sex show at Casa Rosso! (or a bit more in the back for the more shy guests among us) Banana’s will play a big role.. As well as pencils and the crowd which you’re in. That is all we can say about it, you definitely have to find it out yourself!

At the end of the tour you will receive a small typical (or not so typical ;-)) Dutch present that will definitely won’t ever let you forget your stay in Amsterdam (and the Red Light district)! Ready for the Amsterdam vibes? You do not have to wait in line at Casa Rosso. A Red Light tour to remember! Take a look at our booking calendar and BOOK NOW.


Our tour guides are professional, passionated, well informed and will show you this wonderful city like no other tour guide. Our aim is to let you experience Amsterdam instead of just seeing it. With 88Travelguide no overcrowded group tours but small and personal service on a relaxed tempo. Ready for the Amsterdam vibes? Take a look at our booking calendar and BOOK NOW.

Red Light tour – Practical information

Please meet our guide at: Beursplein, in front of the Bistro Berlage.

The tour takes around 3 hours including a show at Casa Rosso and a visit to Manhattan Lingerie & Love Toys. The tour starts at 17:30-20:30 and 20:00-23:00You can choose a time when you register for the tour.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Tour Reviews

4.93 based on 43 reviews

We had such a great time! I definitely recommend this tour… great experience. The show in the end is perfect as well ;)))


Informative and exciting at the same time. Definitely a nice tour!!


Fantastic!!!! I took the red light district tour and all I can say is that Amsterdam is lucky to have a guide like Riccardo. His interesting narratives during the tour were fantastic. I highly recommend this tour to everyone who plans a trip to Amsterdam.


Veronica led us through the red light district on a friday evening and we didn’t regret it for one second. Her knowledge on all things “red light” was fascinating and she always made sure to answer all our questions.


Riccardo was wonderful! We had a great time on our tour of the red light district. It was very respectful and interesting. The small group size is great (no more than 12). This is a must do!!!


I took the RLD district tour with Kathrin. She was full of interesting facts about the district having lived and worked in the neighborhood. Nothing like having a real local as a guide. I learned alot and it was wonderful to be in a small, personalized group. I highly recommend a tour with this company!


Veronica is a great guide! She is very knowledgeable and told us a lot of stories about how the disctirct was formed and governed. It is a great tour to help tourists understand more about this unique Red Light District in Amsterdam. Very interesting tour and a must to do in Amsterdam. The show was a great ending!


Wow!! I was reallly impressed by the Red Light District Tour. If I haven’t been there with Riccardo around, it would be just wandering throught the streets and staring at these purple windows (and girls behind them) from time to time . But with this guide I got to know all the backgroundand lots of cool and interesting stuff about the neighbourhood.


My 18 yr old son and I joined Manouk for a Saturday night RLD tour. Manouk was a amazing! She lived in the RLD for a while and has many stories to share about living there. She has such enthusiasm, and her stories made us laugh a lot. I did a different RLD tour last year, and I enjoyed this one so much better. Manouk told us everything you would ever want to know about the RLD. Her personal stories added so much to the tour. I’ve done a lot of city walking tours around Europe and I have to say, Manouk’s RLD tour is at the top of the list! Sign up now!!!


Great tour of the red light district! Riccardo gives a fantastic tour of Amsterdam’s RLD. Tour group sizes are intimate, and Riccardo offers a great insider viewpoint of the industry. I was very impressed with his awareness and respect of the area, he truly appreciates that the red light district is a place of business and not a circus! I would definitely recommend this tour! Great value for the experience, for sure!


Fantastic tour from an excellent guide!! My mom and I thoroughly enjoyed our evening tour of the red light district. I learned so much more than if I’d just wandered around the district by myself. I loved hearing about the history of the area, and about the current political challenges. He’s a very funny guy and really knows his stuff. Thanks for a great evening!


Excellent Red Light Tour! We took the RLT with Teodora and really enjoyed it. She answered all the questions that no one wants to ask, but really want to know about. It was both entertaining and also put a human face to the sex industry in Amsterdam. Thanks Teodora and all the best to you.


This is a MUST DO tour in Amsterdam!!!! We took two of Teodora’s tours on our first two days in Amsterdam and it was the perfect way to start our holiday. We had the Red Light District Tour on the night we arrived, and I have to say that Theodora KNOWS Amsterdam like the back of her hand, and has ALL of the insider information!!


Great tour with a good balance between the history of the district and entertainment. Definitely one of the most unique tours I’ve ever joined. Our tour guide spoke perfectly English and showed us what the Red Light District is really about. He was friendly, funny and definitely knew a lot about the Red Light District. Would definitely recommend this tour to others!


Very Entertaining Experience by a Local Guide with a Personal Touch.
I had the opportunity to tour with Riccardo and found him to be very friendly and attentive. Instead of a scripted tour, it felt like a fun night out with a friend with good knowledge about his own backyard. I have learnt a great deal about Amsterdam, much more than the typical sightseeing would offer. The Amsterdam Red Light District is an entirely different place at night and I highly recommend Riccardo and crew for an extraordinary tour of it.


This is one of the best tours I have been on, The guide was very informative and entertaining. I went on the tour with my wife, a little apprehensive I may add not knowing what to expect. My fears were unfounded it wasn’t intimidating or dangerous in fact we both felt very comfortable and very surprised how clean everywhere is. I must add that if you have never been and been told it is seedy I can assure you the ladies are absolutely stunning!


An absolute ‘must’ when in Amsterdam! Red Light District is definitely part of the Amsterdam culture that tourists come to see, and just because it includes things that seem strange to people like me (a small-town American), doesn’t mean it’s not worth seeing. My tour guide was very knowledgeable and funny. I am so glad I went on this tour and learned about the area instead of just relying on rumors.


Great, even for a local! For my company I wanted to show our international clients a good taste of Amsterdam. Of course the Red Light District is an unique side of this great city. We did this tour with a small group, which I prefer. Large guided tours are impersonal and often drag on for hours, but NOT this one! It was great to have so much interaction with our local guide.


I went on this amazing tour last Saturday night. Kathrin, the tour guide, was extremely knowledgeable and explained the Dutch laws and attitudes regrading prostitution, drug use, sex education in schools, etc. She was extremely friendly and led our sold out tour. She’s a very warm, smart and fun girl.


Kathrin is the highlight!!! Not only was the tour helpful in debunking a lot of the misconceptions surrounding the RLD, Kathrin was an absolutely delightful tour guide, she kept our lovely group engaged throughout the whole tour.


Best tour ever! The best way to learn about a city is to book this tour… it is certainly worth it. See the city at night and find out all the secrets of the Red Light District . I work also as a tour guide and from my point of view the guys are fantastic at their work. Generally this tour was very interesting, definitely recommend!


More than just red lights! This tour is brilliant! Our local guide showed us that the Red Light District offers more than just prostitutes and drugs. He showed that this is actually an urban hotspot for both locals and tourists. Great to be guided through all those narrow alleys and see all those hidden treasures.


A great tour! Riccardo our guide on friday evening
he was polite, friendly and very knowledgeable about Amsterdams night life in the red light areas. My wife and I enjoyed our tour and found Riccardo be a funny likable guy. I would recommend this tour to anyone.


Greeeeat tour! My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed this tour. Very good value for money. Our guide Riccardo was hilarious and extremely knowledgeable, there were no questions left unanswered. I would not hesitate at all to recommend this tour.


Red light district walking tour, We booked to go on a walking tour of the red light district. Our tour guide was s guy called Riccardo. He was brilliant! He was informative, interesting and amusing. Thoroughly enjoyable


Great informative tour! We did the tour on Saturday night and had a great time. Our guide, was very knowledgeable and took us to places we wouldn’t have gone to on our own. It was a great intro. to the Red Light District and gave us knowledge to explore on our own. I am glad he told us what the blue lights represented, because I thought that meant the girl was running a special sale. I highly recommend this tour!


Red Light Tour! We had a fantastic tour of the Red Light District with Riccardo. He was funny, interesting, well educated and able to answer all of our questions about the Red Light District. Riccardo met us in Dam Square and then gave us some preliminary information before we headed off into the Red area. We would highly recommend this tour to anyone looking to see and learn about the Red Light District. Well worth it!


Excellent experience! I really liked the tour. The red light district it’s a must see in Amsterdam and this tour guides are very knowledgable about the history, the zone and everything else!


Awesome tour!! The tour we got from Riccardo was great, he knew a lot about the area and we even got to see a show!! haha :)) My Swiss friends also enjoyed the tour a lot and we even got to do the tour in the afternoon by request because of an early flight. So excellently organized as well!


Such a good tour! Went on this tour on wednesday night having done some research online. The tour was informative and really interesting and we definitely found out lots about the red light district. The tour wasn’t seedy at all and the size of the group was kept to around 11 which was really good. Would recommend this tour to anyone. Such good value as well


Interesting eye opening and informative Tour. Probably the only place in the world that legalizes adult and sex services openly and mixed freely among other local businesses. Took a fantastic tour with 88 Travelguide and it was very informative, fun and eye-opening. Highly recommended!


I recommend! This turned out to be a great choice: a small group, a lot of information and funny facts! You can tell that Riccardo knows a lot about the area and that he is very passionate about his work.


We met up with Riccardo at Dam Square. There was 10 of us and we interduced ourselves to each other and then we started walking. Riccardo was very funny, informative and we all had a great time! If you don’t agree with the idea of a Red Light District you should still go… it might change your mind!


Interesting, non-cheesy, affordable tour! We had found 88 Travelguide through the internet, we went on their website, and decided to give it a shot while we were in town. Riccardo was our tour guide, a younger, unassuming guy and very down to earth. He was prompt and met us exactly as communicated in advance. The experience was kind of like walking around with a friend; he gave us some historical commentary and amusing anecdotes and also pointed out interesting and noteworthy locations. He was perfectly professional and polite, not sleazy. We did run into the famous “old prostitutes” there though which made it memorable.


Best Amsterdam tour you can imagine! YES, this Red Light District Tour was really awesome. I’m so glad I took it. Teo was the best guide I ever had! I was fascinated by her stories and all the hidden places she showed us. She provided me with lots of cool to do tips as well. Would definitely recommend it to everyone!


Dimensional and full experience of this district.
It is always nice to walk with a local! I think I was lucky, that Olga was giving this tour. She is a really awesome tour guide. She told a lot of stories and jokes as well. She also has given a lot of advises about Amsterdam and Netherlands in general.


An eye opening experience, lady’s in windows, sex shops selling things that make your eyes water and among all this little bakeries selling gorgeous cakes, pastries and WAFFLES!! Coffee shops buzzing with atmosphere where even non smokers leave high on the fumes or the muffins ;))). I love this place, I love the Dutch and travelling to this amazing cultured city


Recommended… Excelent tour!! Nice guide who has love and knowledge for the city… Very kindness! I recommend! Certainly with the extra experiences you get, like with Manhattan and the shows at the end. You notice that they put a lot of time into the tour and that pays of!!


The best walking tour I have ever had! I have been to walking tours in various cities before, but the RLD tour that I had with Olga was the best of them all. Olga took us around the RLD and educated us about the history and the life of the people in the area with great committment. Olga obviously enjoyed her what she doing and I felt more informed and educated thanks to her knowledge and enthusiasm. A MUST-DO especially with Casa Rosso as the highlight at the end!!


A fantastic city and the best man to show you round is Riccardo from 88 Travelguide. He really has a love for the place and it comes out during the tour, he is very informative and best of everything you have so much fun!!


Fantastic!! I took the red light district tour and all I can say is that Amsterdam is lucky to have a guide like Judith. Her interesting narratives during the tour were fantastic. I highly recommend this tour to everyone who plans a trip to Amsterdam! It is also very nice that you get to see and experience more like a show at Casa Rosso and the other surprises. You don’t want to miss this!


Perfect guide. We had a lot of fun during the spicy red light district tour. The guide explained a lot and our guests had a very good time checking out the famous red light district. We booked a tour and boat trip and they booked us the restaurant as a service. Everything on time and very friendly. Thanks Manouk!


The guide was a remarkable. So funny, informative and charismatic. I learned so much about the Red Light District. This is absolutely the company to go to for a great exploration. Never a dull moment!

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